wedding photography


  • SAP (2019)
  • H&Hotels Group (2019)
  • SAP (2018)
  • Oriflame (2017)
  • Harvard (2017, Inter-Continental)
  • Cartier (2016)
  • Cartier (2015)
  • Cartier (2014)
  • Vogue (2014)
  • President of the Czech Republic (2014, Savoy)
  • Wedding in Prague's Municipal House (2012)
  • Manic Street Preachers (2012)
  • President of the Czech Republic (2012, Inter-Continental)
  • The Chemical Brothers (2011)
SAP H&Hotels Group SAP Oriflame Harvard Cartier Cartier Cartier Vogue Prezident ČR Svatební fotografie Manic Street Preachers Prezident ČR The Chemical Brothers


  • Life in the shadow of light, Kamenická, Prague (2021)
  • National Museum of Photography, Gold Collection, Prague (2019)
  • Yes, we do!, Cukrárna Alchymista, Prague (2019)
  • Exercises in Tenderness - platinotypes, Analogue, Prague (2017) - ARTICLE
  • Mything, Radlická Kulturní Sportovna, Prague (2016) - ARTICLE
  • Ode to Z., private exhibition, Prague (2013)
  • Men, Tales, Myths..., Langhans Palace, Prague (2012)
  • Color Impressions & Black-and-White Fragments, private exhibition, Prague (2011) - ARTICLE
  • Till Death Doth Us Part..., Havlíčkovy sady, Prague (2011)
  • Leda and the Swan - Hilton Prague, Prague photoquest 1st prize (2010) - VIDEO
  • Living Souls, Langhans Palace, Prague (2010)
  • The Land Where Time Burns and Doesn't Burn, Lichtenstein Palace, Prague (2009)
  • The Rite of Spring, Café-et-decor, Prague (2009)
Life in the shadow of light National Museum of Photography Ano, ano! Něžná cvičení Mytovani Óda pro Z. Lidé, mýty, příběhy Color Impressions Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí... Živé duše Santorini The Rite of Spring

About Gallery

All photographs in the GALLERY were taken on classic film material and are not retouched or electronically manipulated in any way. It is possible to purchase original, signed, hand-made enlargements. The total limit is a maximum of 7 original enlargements per one work. Processes I employ: bw silver-gelatin prints + toning with gold & selenium, color RA4 process, color cibachrome and platinum prints. If you wish to learn more about my fine prints, please contact me.