Constantinos Kokóssis

Constantinos Kokóssis

As a kid I used to read books about history, kings, statesmen and diplomats. And it was exactly this way that I envisaged an ambassador. Constantinos Kokossis, the ambassador of The Hellenic Republic is a man in his own right. He is noble-minded and has impeccable manners. He emanates a great love of his homeland and at the same time harbors a silent respect and veneration for the country where he speaks for his motherland.

In this portrait I wanted to capture the fact that Constantinos was on a visit to us. His home lies far away, where there is scorching sun to which he bends his gaze.

And perhaps, perhaps... as if he were not a diplomat at all... as if to him much closer were the words of Mother Theresa: "You don't have to do great things. You can do small things with great love..."