Nataša Morkovinová

Nataša Morkovinová

It was touching to watch Nataša return - if only for a fleeting moment - to ever so familiar places. As if symbolically on the very top, the former ballerina stands here on the roof of the National theater and wraps herself in a shroud of memories.

Many years she did ballet in Italy and her most beloved role was that of Juliet. She spent quite a time in Verona where she absorbed the local genius loci so that she could pass it to others.

Nataša led an unusually rich life. When hard times hit her, she worked as a private eye in Naples. Incidentally, she climbed rooftops there too... Later in Italy she opened a private ballet school. And it was also exceptional men who brought something into her life and took something from it. Laughing, she confessed to me, the greater the rascal, the better!