Olbram Zoubek

Olbram Zoubek

I have always been fascinated with the maimed figures of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism at Újezd. Or with the fingers raised for an oath in the archway at Národní třída. Or the post death mask of Jan Palach. Or Milada Horáková, her back turned to the passers by and her face solemnly staring down... Olbram has genuinely captured her last words "I am falling, I am falling, I have lost this battle, yet I have retained my honor."

To have portraited Olbram has been a great honor to me and unforgettable experience. Olbram was not only an artist but a great fighter. A staunch defender of the human spirit. In his eyes there shines a deep humanity not traumatized but nurtured by knowledge...

His sculptures are like sunflowers that no longer raise their faces to sun, knowing that the earth is bright enough, the earth shines for them... The master's hands molded them and it is as if he animated them by infusing into them a fragment of his soul... When I look at his works, I hear Olbram's message: "I would be happy to remind myself and others that the sea murmurs even when we are crowding in a street-car, that above clouds the sky is always blue, that there is a little bit of Prometheus in each of us, that there is a bit of Goddess in every woman..."