Tsaghik Isajanyan

Tsaghik Isajanyan

It's a fine February day. In the sunshine it's almost spring but when shadows descend it's still deep winter. I meet Tsaghik for our portrait session in an apartment in Pařížská street. We climb several flights of stairs. On the first floor we say hello to the actor, Jiří Krampol, smiling and waiting for the elevator. On the next floor we run into another actor, Josef Lauer, who is Tsaghik's ardent admirer and again wishes her ever so cordially a Happy New Year!, actually for the THIRD time this year.

Tsaghik is dressing up for the shoot. While I'm sipping my coffee on the terrace, I glance down the street where Tiffany's is just being opened. I'm thinking hard how I will conceive the photos today. However, when Tsaghik finally enters the room, it's definitely clear to me all the thinking was in vain because there is no necessity for thinking at all.

What are Tsaghik's dreams, I wonder? What are her inner feelings in private life? What kind of a soul has she? I realize I'm utterly at a loss when trying to put all this in words, because no one has yet invented words so chaste and passionate at the same time...